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    will register an European company, will carry out a sale of an off-shore company, will provide book-keeping services, legal and tax advise, virtual office, will help you to open a bank account in Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Slovakia and in other countries
    Services    Virtual office
    A virtual office is a simple and economic solution in cases when there is no necessity for a real company office.
    A virtual office provides contacting possibility for your company without necessity to be physically present in the office. This will also save your means for rent of premises and personnel salaries.

    BSP GROUP provides the following virtual office services for your company:
    • postal address (accumulation and re-direction of correspondence) ;
    • secretary services (answer to phone calls, transfer of phone calls, sending of faxes and e-mails);
    • usage of postal address of the virtual office as a legal address of your company;
    • services of a virtual representative (authorized to contact clients, other companies, etc. in the name of your company);
    BSP GROUP will help you to set up a virtual office not only in Latvia, but also in many European countries?

    Do you need services of a virtual office? BSP GROUP will support you!
    Address: Katoļu 19-8, Rīga, LV-1003, Latvija
    Phone: +371 - 25 42 42 65
    Fax: +371 - 67 22 66 49
    We are expanding the scope of services for our clients. On 1st. November, 2010 the company BSP Group became the official representative of the Polish Bank Zahodni WBK S.A.
    Now, to open an account for your company in Poland - it is easy and simple!