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    will register an European company, will carry out a sale of an off-shore company, will provide book-keeping services, legal and tax advise, virtual office, will help you to open a bank account in Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Slovakia and in other countries
    Services    Opening of bank accounts
    BSP GROUP has a vast experience of co-operation with various European banks. Our representatives will help you to open bank accounts in the banks according to your choice. After having analyzed real needs of your company, BSP GROUP will propose to you some banks, the most suitable for your needs.

    We don’t provide a firm guarantee for opening of a bank account in the bank according to your choice ! But, basing on our broad experience and established relations, we announce that the possibility of success will be maximal.
    In order to recommend you a certain bank, we shall take the following into consideration:

    • citizenship of our client and country of his residence;
    • spheres of activity and types of banking operations;
    • quantity of money orders;
    • request for bank investments and other resources;
    • confidentiality;
    • requirements to non-convertible currency;
    • preferred language in communication with the bank, and so on.

    Please read here more detailed information about opening of bank accounts in European banks.
    Address: Katoļu 19-8, Rīga, LV-1003, Latvija
    Phone: +371 - 25 42 42 65
    Fax: +371 - 67 22 66 49
    We are expanding the scope of services for our clients. On 1st. November, 2010 the company BSP Group became the official representative of the Polish Bank Zahodni WBK S.A.
    Now, to open an account for your company in Poland - it is easy and simple!