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    will register an European company, will carry out a sale of an off-shore company, will provide book-keeping services, legal and tax advise, virtual office, will help you to open a bank account in Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Slovakia and in other countries
    Services    Registration of European companies
    BSP GROUP specializes in registration of European companies. In case you are armed with a serious attitude and accurate support, ownership of a European company may become a prospective and favorable business investment. BSP GROUP registers companies of limited liability, representative offices and joint-stock companies in many European countries.

    The scope of our proposal includes also the following services:
    Book-keeping for your company
    Riga office of BSP GROUP has both Russian and English speaking book-keepers. Whenever necessary, our book-keepers may serve a link between you and your European book-keeper when solving problems of book-keeping and tax payment.
    Opening of bank accounts in the biggest European banks
    We open bank accounts in European banks for European companies registered in the country of location of the bank.
    In order to open a bank account in the bulk of European jurisdictions, for our Client it will be necessary to visit a notary or a banker. After that, it will be possible to control the company from a distance.
    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, if a European company opens a bank account in the country of the company registration, original documents of the company are sufficient to open a bank account (appostille, i.e., verification of the documents by a notary, is not required). Appostilled documents may be required in cases when a European company opens a bank account abroad or opens a representative office/a branch office in some other country.
    Services of a virtual office in many European countries
    A virtual office is an actual postal address, phone and fax numbers of your company, as well as a possibility of informing you about received mail and sending of the mail to you. The actual postal address may serve, if necessary, a legal company address.
    Services of nominal directors
    Tax advise
    Our specialty is registration of companies. In any complicated cases we insistently recommend to apply to qualified lawyers and licensed tax advisers.
    For a separate payment, BSP GROUP may help you to receive advice of a necessary expert.  

    N.B.! Information provided by us is of general character, it can’t serve a basis of taking any business decisions and can’t substitute a professional advice. Don’t hesitate to ask us for further information regarding registration of European companies.  

    We and our European partners will be glad to share with you our experience!
    Address: Katoļu 19-8, Rīga, LV-1003, Latvija
    Phone: +371 - 25 42 42 65
    Fax: +371 - 67 22 66 49
    We are expanding the scope of services for our clients. On 1st. November, 2010 the company BSP Group became the official representative of the Polish Bank Zahodni WBK S.A.
    Now, to open an account for your company in Poland - it is easy and simple!