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    will register an European company, will carry out a sale of an off-shore company, will provide book-keeping services, legal and tax advise, virtual office, will help you to open a bank account in Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Slovakia and in other countries
    BSP GROUP provide high quality services of registration, purchase and sale of various jurisdiction companies and further legal and book-keeping servicing to them. Our experts have vast experience and deep professional knowledge in the said field. We do our best to take into consideration needs of our clients. One of our main tasks is to promote successful development of your business projects.

    BSP Group provides various solutions for your business. Below, you will find a full list of our services with detailed descriptions.

    To order a service
    To order a service, it is necessary to submit to BSP GROUP the following documents:
    • Passport of the company owner (a Beneficiary), in one copy;
    • Passport of the authorized person (the person whose name will be used to open a General Power of Attorney), in one copy. An international passport is preferable.
    • A proof of the place of residence of both abovementioned persons (Beneficiary and the   Authorized person) Such a proof may be represented by a copy of the corresponding page of the  passport or an original of a bill for payment for public utilities.
    • Filled in agreement with BSP Group.    

    It is necessary to provide a 100 % pre-payment for our services (Other terms are possible for our agents and partners).
    In order to receive more detailed information about our services, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +371 25 42 42 65.

    Address: Katoļu 19-8, Rīga, LV-1003, Latvija
    Phone: +371 - 25 42 42 65
    Fax: +371 - 67 22 66 49
    We are expanding the scope of services for our clients. On 1st. November, 2010 the company BSP Group became the official representative of the Polish Bank Zahodni WBK S.A.
    Now, to open an account for your company in Poland - it is easy and simple!